New NVidia Driver

Although it has been released for a week, i just noticed today that NVidia has released an update to their driver based on the beta version which includes lots of fixes in this release. The latest version is 1.0-9629. Here are the latest changelog:

* Added initial support for GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap.
* Added new "Display Configuration" page in nvidia-settings.
* Improved workstation OpenGL performance in Xinerama.
* Added support for NVIDIA Quadro Plex.
* Added support for Quad SLI.
* Improved X driver error recovery.
* Improved workstation overlay performance.
* Added SMBus functionality to the Linux/i2c interface.
* Fixed DFP scaling support.
* Added support for OpenGL 2.1.
* Added new "TwinViewXineramaInfoOrder" X configuration option to control the order of display devices when in TwinView.
* Fixed some problems related to TV Out.
* Added new NVIDIA logo artwork to nvidia-settings and X driver splashscreen; the X driver splashscreen can now be configured with the new "LogoPath" X configuration option.

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