New Gkrellm Package

New Gkrellm package has been released with some changes. Here are the latest changelog:
* Hans de Goede patches: 1) handle sysfs sensors which represent themselves as platform drivers (/sys/class/hwmon). 2) Add a libsensors sensor monitor interface which will be used preferentially over sysfs if libsensors is installed and sensors_init() on /etc/sensors.conf succeeds.
* Add --without-libsensors command line option to force using /sysfs instead of libsensors for cases when running a new Linux sensor kernel module that is not yet supported by libsensors. A fallback to /sysfs is automatic when libsensors detects zero sensors.
* Linux sensor config names change with migration to libsensors, so attempt to automatically do a conversion so user won't have to redo sensor config. But this doesn't handle client/server runs so for these sensor configs must be redone.
* Michael Buesch patch: Add PowerMac G5 Windfarm sensor monitor interface.
* David G. North patch: Add content length check to mbox mail checking to get good mail counts even if there's a mal-formed mime content package.
* New Translation
o pt_BR.po from Insigne Free Software (
* Translation updates
o de.po
o it.po from Vincenzo Reale
* Bugfixes
o Christian Schmidt patch: add -pci- to sensor config compatibility fix.
o gkrellmd plugins didn't get initial update data.
o Don't limit mbmon detection to i386 architectures.
o Flush gtk events pending between closing and moving gkrellm so window managers can get width updates before the move.
o Fix warnings from newer gcc.

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