MPlayer 1.0 RC1

After receiving a lot of help from Google Summer Code participants, MPlayer has release their first RC prior the final 1.0 version. It has a lot of bug fixes and here are them:

* German documentation translation finished
* Russian documentation translation synced and almost finished

* IVTV hardware MPEG audio/video decoder output
* ALSA audio output: AC3 passthrough now works even when the device name of the digital output port has been set by the user
* bicubic OpenGL scaling works with ATI cards
* md5sum switched to the libavutil MD5 implementation
* support for libcaca 1.0 via compatibility layer

* liba52 updated to 0.7.4 (slightly faster)
* SSE optimizations for mp3lib
* removed support for obsolete and non-free divx4 libraries

* audio stream switching in MPEG-TS/PS, Matroska and streams supported by libavformat
* audio stream switching between streams with different codecs
* libavformat demuxer now honors -alang
* chapter seeking in Matroska files
* fixed seeking to absolute and percent position for libavformat demuxer
* NUT demuxer using libnut
* Matroska SimpleBlock support

* split of stream layer from libmpdemux to new stream library
* PVR input for hardware MPEG encoder based cards, such as Hauppauge WinTV PVR-150/250/350/500 AKA IVTV but also pvrusb2 and cx88 (requires Linux >= 2.6.18 kernel, featuring native V4L2 MPEG API)
* native RTSP input (handles MPEG-TS over RTP) for generic RTSP servers
* support for seeking to chapters in dvd:// and dvdnav:// streams
* radio support (radio://)

* VC-1/WMV3/WMV9 video decoder
* Vorbis decoding speedup, now default Vorbis decoder
* VMware Video decoder
* On2 VP50 and VP62 decoder
* lossless audio decoders: WavPack, TTA, Shorten
* CAVS decoder
* GXF muxer/demuxer
* MXF demuxer
* much improved FLAC encoder
* more H.264 decoding speed improvements, plus support for -lavdopts fast
* Theora decoder fixes
* preliminary Vorbis encoder
* MTV demuxer

* Windows version added
* drag-and-drop ignored last file
* save and load cache setting correctly
* working audio stream selection for Ogg and Matroska files
* executable names like gmplayer_old etc. will now start GUI as well
* -gui/-nogui options
* xinerama fixes, now behaves similar to MPlayer without GUI

* MMX-optimizations for -vf yadif
* MMX-optimizations for -vf zrmjpeg

* support of x264 encoding via libavcodec
* rewrite -x264encopts option parser to use the 264 option parser; likely breaks 3rd party tools as the syntax of some options has changed
* removed support for obsolete and non-free divx4 libraries

* partial Intel Mac support, --disable-win32 --disable-mp3lib is needed
* OpenGL can now create windows > screen size under Windows
* allow filenames starting with \\ for remote paths on Windows

* SSA/ASS subtitle renderer
* -endpos option for MPlayer
* -correct-pts option
* UTF-8 used for OSD and subtitles, some bitmap fonts will no longer work correctly and -subcp must be set for all non-UTF-8 subtitles
* more audio-truncation fixes
* libavutil mandatory for MPlayer compilation
* more intuitive -edlout behaviour
* -nortc is now default since -rtc has disadvantages with recent kernels

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