Installing OOoQs2

Few days ago i decided to install OOo Quick Starter 2 and the result was a successful installation. Since Slackware doesn't have OOo by default, i used the rpm format and then convert it into tgz packages by using rpm2tgz utility and then installing it by using installpkg command.

After the compilation and installation phase, i started the oooqs2 command and it won't detect my 2 installation path, so i had to add it manually, but that's not a big deal. After this, i tried to logout and login again and tried to fires up 2 and yes it's definitely faster, but as the trade off, i will have to spent 30 MB of my RAM to be used by OOoQs2. That's not a major problem for me as i have 1 GB of RAM in my laptop :D

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