Gaim 2.0.0-Beta5

New beta Gaim packages has been released by Sean Egan yesterday and it can be downloaded from Sourceforge Mirrors. Here's the changelog from the previous beta version:
* Significant improvements to the reliability of
connection detection code from Beta 4, especially
for users of Windows 2000 and Windows Vista, and
certain XP users.
* The preferences dialog has been reorganized slightly,
with a new "Interface" tab to reduce the clutter in the
"Conversations" tab.
* The tray icon is now configurable. Users can disable
the icon entirely, or configure it to show only when
messages are waiting.
* A preference has been added to play sounds only when
unavailable, in addition to always or only when available.
* Added the ability to drag and drop icons on buddies in
the buddy list to override the buddy icon shown there.
(This does not replace the icon shown in the tooltip.)
* QQ protocol support is now available for Windows Gaim.
* The Windows Gaim Tcl plugin loader has been improved to
reduce problems caused by having cygwin in the PATH.
* The text replacement plugin has been fixed to handle
words containing apostrophes properly again.
* Added the ability for gaim text users to map actions to
keystrokes, and fixed many other keymapping related bugs.
* Many other stability and UI improvements for gaim text.
* Several improvements have been made to DBUS support to
improve its stability and reliability.
* Several compilation fixes for users of Solaris.
* Several translations have been updated: Albanian,
Burmese (Myanmar), Chinese (Traditional), English
(British), Esperanto, Estonian, Galego, German, Persian,

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