Amarok 1.4.4

New Amarok version 1.4.4 has been released and it introduce a basic support for Rio Karma and more bug fixes after few months of development and lots of patches has been submitted to improve the Amarok. Here are the changelog for the latest amarok version:

* Transfer .wav-files to iPods. (BR 131130)
* Xine and Helix engines now support three different crossfading modes: always, on manual track changes only, or on automatic track changes only.
* Manually specify local file for podcast episodes via right-click menu.
* Action menu entry for adding podcasts to Amarok. Based on .desktop files by Harald Sitter and Fabio Bacigalupo.
* Open podcast items with external application from right-click menu.
* Synchronize listened flag for podcast between Amarok and iPods.
* Added integrated music store. Includes artist and album info and full previews of all tracks.
* Fade-out for xine-engine when pressing Stop. Patch by Tuomas Nurmi. (BR 127316)
* Support downloading of files from an MTP device.
* Purged podcast episodes can be readded by increasing the purge number.
* Added rudimentary support for the Rio Karma. (BR 132713)
* Support creation and editing of playlists on MTP media devices.
* Undo/Redo functionality is now available over sessions. (BR 131072)
* Allow the creation of empty playlists in the playlist browser. Available either from the Add button in the toolbar or the context menu of a playlist folder. (BR 133543)

* Ignore leading "The " when sorting artists on media devices. (BR 136233)
* Improved handling of VFAT/ASCII files and paths when organizing the collection and using the Generic media device.
* Enable playing audio CDs on CD insert. Patch by Will Stephenson. (BR 136106)
* Bring Amarok main window to front when starting amarok again without arguments. Patch by Lubos Lunak. (BR 135396)
* Don't switch to playlist browser after saving a playlist from files tab. (BR 130189)
* Add .ape and .mpc to possible file types supported by a generic media device. (BR 133491)
* Move button for saving current playlist from playlist browser toolbar to playlist toolbar. (BR 129300)
* Run 'kdeeject -q devicenode' when no post-disconnect command has been configured for media devices.
* Reduced memory usage for MTP media devices. (BR 134663)
* Faster searching on playlist and startup, due to some optimizing in string usage. Patch by Ovidiu Gheorghioiu.
* Correctly translate media:, home:, ... style urls on KDE 3.5 and newer.
* When tracks are added to the collection and Playlist entries already exist (as determined by the file tracking code), the corresponding Playlist entries are updated to the new location and enabled if they were previously disabled.
* When file tracking is updating Playlist entries, multiple entries of the same song will now all be updated, instead of just one.
* When tracks are removed from the collection (deleted on disk or moved outside of a collection folder) any corresponding entry in the Playlist will be disabled.
* Dragging podcasts to to playlist will insert them in a chronological order, so you can listen to the oldest first automatically!
* Improve application startup times dramaticaly by lazy loading podcast episodes.
* Transferring tracks to an MTP device now shows a progress bar and doesn't hang the rest of the UI. (only available for libmtp >= 0.0.15)
* Show a proper tag dialog when viewing information for DAAP music shares.

* Ipod Mode on Collection Browser would have duplicated headers.
* Multiple problems related to Amarok using wrong playlists on Dynamic Mode fixed.
* Deleting files from generic media devices would not update the progress bar, resulting in the progress staying at 0%. (BR 130009)
* If nothing at all existed on a generic device, the first item transferred would incorrectly show that an error had occured during transfer. (BR 133528)
* Synchronising a smart playlist to a device when it didn't exist before would crash Amarok. (BR 135956)
* Proxies would not take into account certain settings in KDE's Proxy control center modules for PAC files and more. (BR 123021)
* Generic media devices would not accept files with an extension that only differs in case from a supported extension. (BR 135261)
* Xine-engine: Pausing during crossfade would not work properly. Patches by Markus Kaufhold. (BR 122514 & 135285)
* Stop a running cross-fading operation before starting another one. Patch by Markus Kaufhold. (BR 128629)
* Queuing again would dequeue. (BR 121206)
* In some cases, the Removal and Enqueue buttons in the queue manager would have no icons. (BR 115895)
* Don't change length of position slider when navigating within a track. (BR 122569)
* Direct copying of non-local items would result in wrong properties on iPods. (BR 135681)
* Honor setting to show Amarok's menu in main toolbar.
* "Burn this album" would burn all albums of the same name. (BR 121963)
* Ignore double-clicks on tree item openers. (BR 125121)
* Visibility of sidebar tabs would depend on the current locale. (BR 135316)
* Ctrl-C for copying urls from the tag editor would not work when selected with the mouse. (BR 123327)
* Check for some integral data types for improved DAAP portability. (BR 132939)
* Take disc number into account when checking if a song is already on an iPod. (BR 135643)
* Editing metadata in the playlist itself now matches possible alternatives case-insensitively. (BR 135683)
* Fix loading directory in external browser in the tag editor when the path contains parentheses. (BR 132961)
* Stop scripts using a proxy when it's disabled in KDE. Patch by Felix Geyer.
* While playing Streams, sometimes metadata wouldn't be updated on track changes. Patch by Tom Kaitchuck.
* Speed patch to load playlist columns from statistic tables on population of the playlist, makes adding to the playlist and starting up faster. Thanks Ovy! (BR 135324)
* Save MTP playlists when they are renamed so we don't lose changes.
* Prevent new podcastepisodes from showing up in the playlistbrowser twice by opening it's parent before adding. (BR 134108)
* New iPods would not get initialized.
* Files that were detected as being added back to the collection would not always be re-enabled in the Playlist. (BR 130359)
* Fix some spelling and layout issues. Part of a patch by Malcolm Parsons.
* Correctly handle horizontal wheel events in position slider. (BR 119254)
* Don't rescan collection while transcoding. (BR 133423)
* Don't try to copy to collection from urls without kio slaves.
* Don't quit immediately if amarokrc was removed. (BR 134439)
* The DAAP client would crash Amarok under certain conditions when kdelibs was compiled with asserts on. (BR 132851)
* Configuring the toolbar would disable the stop button. Patch by Markus Kaufhold. (BR 132477)
* Changed tags of songs on iPods would not propagate to its database. (BR 133842)
* Fixed playlist encoding problems. (BR 133613)
* Cover images for compilation albums can now be displayed full size in the context browser.
* Dragging compilation albums from the collection browser or the playlist would show multiple cover images in the tooltip. (BR 133916)
* Don't crash when calling repopulate dynamic mode from dcop. (BR 133716)
* streams work with proxies. (BR 131137)
* Don't try to read m4a tags from apparently invalid files. (BR 133288)
* Some podcasts would insert line breaks in author/title information and cause graphical errors. (BR 133591)
* File tracking could fail on files that were copies of each other but with different ID3v1 or APE tags.

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