Upgrading MonoDevelop

Last night i decided to upgrade my MonoDevelop application as the newest version has been released. It's 0.12 now and it's getting better and better. There was some problem with the installation though, since i'm unable to pass the ./configure script when i'm on normal account, so i had to use root account to do that. The other bug that i discover is that using --enable-nemerle didn't work. I had tried to reconfigure the script using that parameter several time, but at the end, the summary said that Nemerle support is Off. Strange. It causes a warning dialog that Nemerle addin couldn't be loaded when starting MonoDevelop application so i have to choose Yes first before i can get into MonoDevelop window.

So far, MonoDevelop is very promising. It has a code completion feature, like Microsoft's Intellisense, so you will be very helpful when writing codes. Other nice thing is that MonoDevelop can import Visual Studio 2003 project (not yet 2005) and it worked just perfect. I tried to import my small project into MonoDevelop and execute it and it worked like as in Windows.

I think Mono has a bright future, with the great support from open source community and it's looking forward to support .NET Framework 2.0 completely.

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