Removing GNOME

Last night, i once again decided to do a major changes on my Slackware system which should have been done since 10.2, which is the removal of GNOME application. I completely remove all GNOME application, except for gnome-icon-theme which still be used for other GTK+ application.

After this massive removal, i test some application and sadly, i have to remove some application which i often used, such as Liferea for my RSS Aggregator (because it requires GConf for new compilation). I then decided to switch to Akregator, a default RSS Aggregator for KDE. Since i don't have Internet connection, i couldn't test Gaim, but it's still launching, so i guess it's still working. I think i will have to conduct some more test to check all my application since some application does need GNOME's libraries.

I have updated my application menu also, since most of them are not working anymore, so i get a simplified application menu.

The advantage of this removal is that i got a plenty of space and also cleaner system, but as the trade off, i had to switch to other application which needs GNOME's library.

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