ReiserFS on Slackware

Filesystem is very important in every operating system as it will an impact on the overall performance of the system itself. In Linux, you can choose a lot of file system, but the most widely used are ext3 and ReiserFS v3, meanwhile ext4 and ReiserFS v4 is being worked out by the developers. Slackware, like all other distros support as many filesystem as possible and it's up to the users to choose the filesystem that suits them. I used ext3 for my laptop and ReiserFS for my desktop PC. ReiserFS is quite fast in my PC and i never had problems with it up to now.

But recently, Novell has confirmed that they will change their default filesystems in SuSE into ext3 in their next release and with Hans Reisers being arrested, i think many distro will start to think twice to support ReiserFS filesystem as Hans himself has relegated ReiserFS v3 to maintenance mode and would resist any proposals for change except for bug fixes. He pushes people to start using ReiserFS v4 which is not yet included in the current kernel version, but the problem will arise when people wanted to migrate their data, because ReiserFS v4 is not backward compatible with version 3 and partition will have to be reformatted before it can use the new version.

I'm wondering whether Pat will drop the filesystem also or just leave it there in 11.1 or 12.0??

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