New Features in OOo 2.0.4

OOo 2.0.4 brings some new features which is quite interesting. If you see OOo announcements, Louis has wrote some new features in this release:

* Enhanced PDF management
* Direct export to LaTex
* Nested queries in Base
* New functionality in Calc and Impress
* Mac OS X (X11) uses system fonts

This is the most significant enhancement included on the 2.0.4 release, but that's not all. If you look at the Release Note, you will find more detailed changelog, for example:

* Software Update Notification.
As many other open source projects, is evolving over time and frequent releases add functionality or resolve existing issues. The Software Update Notification helps users to keep their up to date without having to monitor certain websites.

* OOo can use KDE "system-wide" settings (Linux Only)
One of the most annoying tasks for a user is if he has to enter common application settings into every application over and over again. Most desktop environments have a notion of shared application settings, so being a good citizen for 2.0 means here to read and honor settings the user has made in his/her desktop environment.

* Minimal Support for Extension Dependencies
Starting with OOo 2.0.4, extensions (also known as “packages” or “UNO packages”) can specify dependencies on their installation environment. If at least one of those dependencies is not met, the application refuses to install the extension. In OOo 2.0.4, no actual dependencies that an extension could specify are yet defined; actual dependency definitions (which can then be used by new extensions) are expected to come with later versions of OOo.

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