KDE 3.5.5 Is Next

According to LXer, KDE 3.5.5 will be released this week (The article was posted at 8 October and if it's correct, it will be released around 15 of October). It will contains bunch of bug fixes, improved language support, a new version of kopete and tons more. From the comments on the forum, i knew that Debian has put them on the unstable version, called 3.5.5-1, but when i looked at KDE's website, it still displays the current version (3.5.4).

Well, Maybe Pat will also include this updates in his next and first updates to Slackware-current. Can't wait to look for KDE 3.5.5 running on my Slackware laptop :)

Update: The announce file is already created, but not listed on the first page (maybe they're still uploading the packages). Here are the summary:

* Version 0.12.3 of Kopete replaces 0.11.3 in KDE 3.5.5, it includes support for Adium themes, performance improvements and better support for the Yahoo! and Jabber protocols.
* Support for sudo in kdesu.
* Support for input shape from XShape1.1 in KWin (KDE window manager).
* Lots of speed improvements and fixes in Konqueror's HTML engine, KHTML.
* CUPS 1.2 support in KDEPrint.
* Big improvements in the number of translated interface elements in Chinese Traditional, Farsi, Khmer, Low Saxon and Slovak translations.

For full changelog, please refer to the latest Changelog

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