Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Inkscape 0.44.1

After a month after Inkscape 0.44.1 release, finally LinuxPackages have list an inkscape package for Slackware. I have used inkscape 0.44 from LinuxPackages and i think it's time to upgrade it to the latest maintainance version. This are the changes between 0.44 and 0.44.1:
# fix a crash on Windows ("python.exe can't find msvcrt71.dll") by providing that dll in the package;
# fix hang in page size widget
# on Mac OS X, removed problems with home folder path names containing spaces;
# inkscape now finds libpng include headers on some systems where it previously failed to do so
# several changes to allow compiling on glib-2.4 systems (e.g. RHEL4);
# allow compiling on systems with incomplete boost library headers; recognize if boost is too old
# inkscape now compiles with gcc-4.2.x.
# fixed a bug where stderr output from scripts was not shown
# fixed a bug affecting the recent files menu
# resolution information is now saved in exported PNG files
# fix some ODG export bugs
# fix dia import
# fix several include issues affecting building on Solaris (there are still some more problems, at least under Solaris 8, and similar ones on OpenBSD)
# added missing German version of the advanced tutorial and made corrections to the calligraphy one; added missing Czech, German, and Brazil-Portuguese tutorials to tarball; added missing German keytable to tarball
# applied changes to the German and Spanish translations of Inkscape strings
# interactivity improvements at high zooms
# fix for specifying CSS colors with percentages
# re-enabled old PDF exporter alongside the new one
# minor fixes to new PDF exporter (a major overhaul is still in the works)
# fixup for invalid "s odipodi" namespace which has become widespread in Inkscape documents
# Mac OS X packaging updates
# miscellaneous build fixes

Besides this package, i also downloaded libsigc++, gc, gtkmm, and glibmm which is needed for inkscape.

Thanks to Fred Broders for providing this packages.