Firefox 2.0 Bypass Stable

Pat has made a rule in the -stable tree which he only patches some packages which has a security vulnerability, but today Firefox 2.0 is authorized to bypass this rule and make his way to the -stable tree. Even Pat cannot resist of the Firefox's attraction. Here are the changelog:
Sat Oct 28 23:52:38 CDT 2006
Upgraded to Mozilla Firefox 2.0. This is a completely optional enhanced feature package update. Usually I'd reserve this space only for security patches (which this is not), but Firefox 2.0 is just so cool that I couldn't resist upgrading it, especially with Slackware 11.0 so recently released.

I have been playing with Firefox one day before it's release date and i had no problem at all, except for the incompatible extensions which still being abandoned by the author and i don't get any updates up to know. Some extensions that are still marked incompatible with 2.0 release in my laptop are:
- Colorful Tabs
- Fasterfox
- Google Pagerank Status

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