Bad Reviews on Slackware

There's a post on Newsforge and also in LinuxQuestions about Slackware Linux 11.0 and it was linked from the source. It was the worst reviews i ever read, since the reviewer has directly insulting the developer using a direct name (Patrick Volkerding) with a harsh words and most of his complaints can be fixed in one or two simple ways. There's a lot of people who still like Slackware's simplicity and recommends them to their friends. I used Slackware also in my laptop and everything just fine (well, at least not like in his reviews)

The default bootloader is LILO for some reason. Most modern distributions use GRUB, so that's probably why Patrick chose something different. He likes to be contrary like that.

It's like saying default bootloader in FC is GRUB, why not using LILO? It's about freedom and by the way, grub is also supported in Slackware. You may find it in one of the CD.

My biggest complaint with Slackware is still the maintainer himself. Patrick *is* Slackware. There is no democracy in this distribution. It is in every way *his* project, and he runs it as such. He has every right to do so, but I also reserve every right to lambast him and use a different distribution when I don't agree with the choices he makes.

There's no rule that Patrick cannot be a dictator on his own project (besides, it's his project). In my opinion, he's not a dictator. I often mailed him and asking for some packages to be updated, and he mostly agrees with it. He receives a lot of suggestions and his email will always been opened for that. But the final decision is still on his hand, since he's the man of the project :D

He doesn't include any scripts that might make using his system easier for those of us not interested in dicking around with text files every hour of every day, nor does he seem to understand the idea of NEW kernels.

For some reason (for example the kernel), he must have a good reason to use 2.4.x kernel and most people can accept that (since Pat also include as the supported kernel series and 2.6.18 in /testing directory). Besides, most people (like i do) will probably compile their own kernel rather than relying on Pat's default kernel, so there's a plenty of options there.

About the scripts, i think most of the scripts on /etc/rc.d is heavily commented with Pat's note for us if we want to modify things, so i guess he hasn't read those scripts.

Aside from the choice in default kernel, I can't really comment on any other software included with Slackware 11 because I could not get a usable install.

This is funny, as most of the people in LinuxQuestions runs Slackware and they don't have any problem with Slackware 11.0. I have been running Slackware since 10.1 and when Slackware 11.0 comes out, i didn't have problems also running it.

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