xCHM Finally Worked

Yesterday, i asked xCHM's developer (Razvan Cojocaru) via email about the error message and he replied at night and before that, i saw the FAQ on xCHM's site and i think i found the answer at that time and it was correct. The information written in the first FAQ was the same answer i got from the developer, which i had to recompile WxWidgets to enable unicode support and also GTK2 (which is already the default by 2.6.3). I tried that at home by extracting both packages and then i start with WxWidgets first. I run ./configure --enable-gtk2 --enable-unicode and then compiling it with make and finally installed it with make install. The installation script said that i had to run ldconfig in order to update my cache of library and i did that (i always do this everytime i install/upgrade new libraries/applications on my system and i skip the script in /etc/rc.d/rc.M which runs ldconfig everytime my system boots because it took so long on my laptop, but not in my PC, so i enabled it on my PC).

After i finished the WxWidgets installation, i continued with xCHM's installation. All i do is just compiling it with the default ./configure script, and then installing it and it worked. I had no more error message displayed again. Finally it's done (see the screenshots below). I'm glad that right now, everything should work as it used to be, except for udev which i haven't got any replies from Pat yet. Maybe he was too busy doing something else. It's not a big problem for me as my network card and my centrino are still working perfectly.

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