Upgrading xCHM

Yesterday, i had a chance to brought my laptop to the office to update software that i often used in my laptop. I looked at the -current changelog and found nothing new so i started to look for another often used application that was quite old. I looked at Liferea, gaim, phpMyAdmin and they were up to date. So i looked for another application, which was xCHM. I remember that the version that i have on my laptop has a bug which it always displays an error message saying that it couldn't display the page which has ISO-8859-1 format. The program still works, but it's quite annonying if you see that kind of error message everytime you open a new page. This might related to the new WxWidgets library which might changed something inside and the old version of xCHM haven't recognized this yet.

So, i download the latest version, 1.9.1 and tried to install it with default parameter on it, but after i installed it and tried it, the problem persisted. It's still there. Maybe the new WxWidgets have started to use UTF-8 as their default format and that's why the xCHM displays the error message all the time. I'll look at the parameter list supported by xCHM later on and perhaps i should add new parameters in order to fix this bug.

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