Upgraded to 2.6.18

Last night i downloaded the latest fresh from the oven kernel available which has just been released by Linus Torvalds after having seven RC release, 2.6.18. As usuall, new kernel tends to bring new features, so when i do make oldconfig, it asked for several questions which are new for this kernel. After answering all questions, i started to build the kernel image and also the kernel modules and then installing the kernel itself. The process went very smooth and i had no problems while testing the new kernel.

My touchpad, wireless device, and ACPI worked just like the old version and this is just like what i expected with newer kernel. Although everything is working fine, i won't delete the previous kernel until i'm pretty sure that it's stable enough to be a singe 2.6.x kernel on my laptop. Usually i dare to erase the old kernel when it has reached some new -stable release, as usually first -stable release brings stability for the first major kernel upgrade.

Let's enjoy the current kernel for now.

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