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I didn't have lots to do last night, so i have enough time to upgrade my kernel into the latest -stable kernel available and also the kernel version being used in the next Slackware release, Why would i install this? Well, actually i don't have a strong reason to do this, as the changelog didn't say much about bugs that happened on my system, but few days ago i have upgraded to the latest glibc packages which were recompiled with 2.4.33 and headers, so in order to syncronize the packages, i took my spare time in the evening to upgrade my kernel in order to remove problems in the future (for example, if there's a new NVidia driver. It would refuse to be installed because i'm using a different kernel version with the kernel version that was being compiled with the old glibc).

As usuall, i used the same config file that i have used in the previous installation to make the compilation faster as i don't have to set up the settings one by one. I start by making the kernel image by issuing make bzImage and compiling the modules using make modules, then i left to take a bath because it's already 5.30 PM, and i have plenty of time before the compilation finished (usually it took 30-35 minutes on my laptop). As i finished, the compilation wasn't finished yet, so i had to wait for several minutes. After it finished, i continued by installing the modules by executing make modules_install. Next steps is to make the correct symlink in /boot directory and also updating the lilo to have an entry for the new kernel. After executing lilo and it re-read the configuration file, it's time to reboot.

After rebooting the system, i had to re-installed the NVidia driver, as i have installed new kernel version and NVidia driver was built based on kernel version being used at that time, so everytime you changed your kernel version, you will have to reinstall the driver also. It also applies to other modules which are compiled to specific kernel version.

You can see the screenshots below

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