Updating DBUS

Today i have downloaded the latest dbus package from source. I want to upgrade my dbus package as it's quite old (last update was 0.61 and now, it has released 0.92 version). I have downloaded the Slackware packages from LinuxPackages yesterday, but since i build the first one using source code, so it's better for me to upgrade those with the same format.

Nowadays, dbus has been used by many application, even though it's still being considered an optional part, meaning that it's not mandatory application. You will get new features if you used it, but the program still works without dbus. Mostly, dbus is used with a combination with HAL, but i don't have HAL installed on my system. Most of the case, HAL and DBUS is used to have some kind of automounting feature in KDE, mostly in Slackware. But in order to enable this, we have to recompile the KDE and with --enable-hal parameter. But, i'm quite satisfied with the default parameter being used by Patrick Volkerding to build the KDE, as i can mount my flash disk by using other method.

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