Updated Kernel Packages

Pat has just updated the kernel series in -current changelog with the latest -stable kernel version available, Yesterday, i was just downloading the, and today i found available. Luckily i didn't upgrade the kernel last night or else i will have to recompile it again. This version only adds new function and also VIA identifiers, so i think i will skip this version also.

By the way, here are the latest changelog
Sat Sep 9 14:56:38 CDT 2006
kernels/huge26.s/*: Upgraded huge26.s kernel to

extra/linux- Upgraded to Linux generic kernel.

extra/linux- Upgraded to Linux kernel headers.

extra/linux- Upgraded to Linux kernel modules.

extra/linux- Upgraded to Linux kernel source.
[ Andrea was asleep when I noticed these, and I didn't want to find out what happens when one wakes one's sleeping wife and asks her to start building kernels, so... ]

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