System Upgraded to RC4

After downloading the rest of the RC4 packages yesterday morning, finally i have upgraded my system equally to Slackware 11.0 RC4 (except for the kernel package which i didn't install, since i don't use 2.4.x kernel very often in my daily work and kernel version after 2.4.31 didn't work on my laptop. I don't know why. It always stopped when it came to hotplug services. After all, 2.4.31 works just fine for me, so i won't have to use the for now). The process was quite fast, as i only do upgradepkg <list-of-files-to-be-upgraded> and everything goes automatically, except for udev which i have to rename /etc/rc.d/ into /etc/rc.d/rc.udev to reflect changes in the new udev version. I also skipped KTorrent for now, as i'm quite satisfied with Bittorrent client, even though it's a little bit outdated and i will have to wait after Slackware 11.0 being released before Pat updated the bittorrent packages in -current as it requires new libraries and Pat doesn't want to waste his time to make sure it works as the current version works nicely.

Since i had my own compiled version of PHP, i also had to recompiled my PHP from the source code with the new libmysqlclient library. If i didn't do this, then Apache won't work after i reboot since it couldn't find the correct libmysqlclient version compiled within PHP. After this, i rebooted my laptop and do some testing in order to make sure that everything worked as it is supposed to be. I didn't find any problem so far, so i guess it's worthed to wait for several days for this updates. Pat does makes it guarranted to work (except for the missing '[' in udev packages which was quickly recognized by other people as well). He really wanted to have the most stable system in his next release (btw, this is a major upgrade from 10.x to 11.x, so it should be phenomenal in my opinion).

I also tried to recompile xCHM with other options provided in the ./configure --help script, but still didn't work. It still displays the same error message. I think it's because i used the old chmlib library. Maybe i'll look for updates to the chmlib today. Those who are curious about the error messages can see the screenshots below. If you have a solution for this, please let me know, so i won't have to see that kind of error message again in the future.

Yes, i have seen a new release of chmlib and i will try to use that today to recompile my xCHM application. I hope it works for now.

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