Slackware RC4

After few days without any changes, Pat finally decided to put RC4 status on the -current changelog. Most of the updates are due to upgraded kernel version to and also unintentionally ABI changes in MySQL packages, so most of the file had to be recompiled against the new libmysqlclient library.

There were also some updated packages, such as Samba, Sendmail, and also new packages had been introduced, KTorrent, which doesn't need non-KDE library or any nitty bitty library. Pat also worked on the installer setup for the NFS installer with Eric Hameleers to get a better one. Udev also had a big change on it as you can see in the changelog.

Well, Slackware 11.0 is definitely going to be rocking as well as 10.2 release last year. Happy Slacking

Pat has just updated today's changelog to fix some bugs in udev and also compress the in kernels directory.

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