Slackware 11.0 RC5

Another release candidate has been released by Pat in the -current changelog. Lots of changes has been implemented in this changes, so i think it's worthed for another RC. Here are the changelogs:
Mon Sep 18 05:33:24 CDT 2006
Slackware 11.0 release candidate 5. This is the last one, scout's honor.
a/aaa_elflibs-11.0.0-i486-9.tgz: Stripped /lib/, added /lib/

a/bzip2-1.0.3-i486-3.tgz: Stripped /lib/

ap/espgs-8.15.3svn185-i486-1.tgz: Upgraded to espgs-8.15.3svn185. OK, I don't like using repo versions at all, much less inserting them at the last second. But, it seems like par for the course for ghostscript and its offshoots where there wasn't much choice about shipping 8.15rc4 in Slackware 10.2. In this case, building from svn fixes two critical problems: missing support for CJK, and not correctly printing Umlauts with certain fonts. Thanks to Shin-ichi Abe and Matthias Bachert.
If this version of espgs creates new problems that are worse than these, please let me know as soon as possible. It's tested here and seems stable.

ap/vim-7.0.109-i486-1.tgz: Upgraded to vim-7.0.109.

d/subversion-1.4.0-i486-1.tgz: After a couple convincing assurances that this was a safe and ABI/API compatible upgrade, I decided to allow this upgrade. Thanks to Malcolm Rowe and Janusz Dziemidowicz.

l/desktop-file-utils-0.11-i486-1.tgz: Added desktop-file-utils-0.11. The next XFce will need this package. Thanks to Robby Workman for the information.

l/libexif-0.6.13-i486-2.tgz: Fixed libexif.pc includedir. Thanks to Charles Shannon Hendrix for pointing this out.

l/libtheora-1.0alpha7-i486-1.tgz: Added libtheora-1.0alpha7. This links with (as far as I know) optional plugins only and is a safe last-second addition. Furthermore, the Theora team has promised that files encoded with this version of the codec will always be playable. The format is stable and ready for production use, so keeping it out of 11.0 due to the "alpha" would be plain silly. Suggested by Edo Hikmahtiar, and Diogo R.

l/libungif-4.1.4-i486-3.tgz: Added the utilities in /usr/bin, some of which are used to detect that annoying image spam that's on the rise... Thanks to Joran Kvalvaag.

l/neon-0.25.5-i486-1.tgz: Added neon package, split from subversion-deps-1.4.0.

x/dejavu-ttf-2.10-noarch-1.tgz: Upgraded to dejavu-ttf-2.10.

xap/vim-gvim-7.0.109-i486-1.tgz: Upgraded to vim-7.0.109. Once again, this is just an add-on for the VIM package in ap. :-)

xap/xine-lib-1.1.2-i686-2.tgz: Recompiled against libtheora to include the Theora codec plugin. Theora testsuite passed.

xap/xine-ui-0.99.4-i686-3.tgz: Patched an issue where xine-ui could block input to Konsole. Thanks to Nuts Mueller.

extra/linux-smp- Fixed slack-desc typo. No actual rebuild, so no -$BUILD bump. Thanks to David Somero.

isolinux/initrd.img: Fixed swap setup in the "Cancel" or unselecting all swap partitions case. Thanks to Marcus Moeller.

rootdisks/install.1: Rebuilt.

rootdisks/install.2: Fixed swap setup.

rootdisks/ Fixed swap setup.

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