Reverted Ruby Package

Pat has updated his -current changelog with a reverted Ruby packages which broke RoR (Ruby on Rails). Due to the revertion, amaroK which was linked to Ruby got recompiled also. Another recompilation was done in kdesdk, but for other purpose (to find the apr library). Pat also update the bsd-games package for better support of digits.

In the internal package, there has also been some revertion in bootdisks/raid.s. The megaraid driver was coming back in raid.s since regaraid2 driver has already in the scsi2.s bootdisk.

Pat has also gave some note on the new kernel in huge26.s/*:
Please note that if you install with this you still need kernel-modules from /extra, and that there's no alsa-driver for this kernel because it's all built into kernel-modules and kernel-headers (well, and the kernel :-). ALSA 1.0.11/12 specifically DO NOT support these newer kernels. Check out the SUPPORTED_KERNELS file in the alsa-driver source. Feel free to play with various combinations (many DO work, but without any noticable improvement to me). I try very hard to not break your sound system, but I'm already bending the rules with alsa-driver-1.0.11_2.4.33.3... Also, if you find bugs in stuff I don't ship, contact the appropriate maintainer too, please. I am not the hg repository for everything I ship. (I know, I do look remarkably similar ;-) "Is this the spacecraft assembly building?"

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