RC5 Updated

Pat said that it's still RC5, but there has been a lot of updates today. Totally, 13 updated packages has been introduced in the latest -current changelog (not including the rootdisk and new 2.6.18 kernels). It's still considered the last RC though and yes, we are getting closer than ever :D

Here are the latest changelogs:
Thu Sep 21 04:05:03 CDT 2006
This is still Slackware 11.0 release candidate 5 (for now), and is still the last release candidate, scout's honor. We are nearly there. :-)

a/devs-2.3.1-noarch-25.tgz: Added /dev/i2c-* devices. Thanks to Jean Delvare.
Just a reminder on devs, as I've had some email about it. As it stands, devs is required to boot even if the machine runs a 2.6+ kernel and uses udev.

a/hotplug-2004_09_23-noarch-11.tgz: Don't allow dhcpcd -k to make noise at shutdown time if dhcpcd is not running (as in cases where it was shut down manually, or the lease time was infinite).

a/logrotate-3.7.4-i486-1.tgz: Upgraded to logrotate-3.7.4. After reading the diff -u and doing some test rotations, this seems safe to include for 11.0. Suggested by Mateus César Gröess and Rafal Lorenc.
Rotate /var/log/btmp. Thanks to James Michael Fultz.

a/pkgtools-11.0.0-i486-3.tgz: Stripped /bin/dialog. Thanks to mRgOBLIN for saving us 18K of hard drive space. :-)
In setup.services, rename rc.portmap to rc.rpc. This is no longer started by default. Instead you must turn it on (only if you plan on mounting NFS partitions manually). Otherwise, it will be run regardless of exec perms if NFS shares or mounts are detected at boot time.

ap/diffstat-1.43-i486-1.tgz: Added Thomas Dickey's diffstat utility. Suggested by Michael Iatrou.

ap/lm_sensors-2.10.0-i486-2.tgz: Edited slack-desc since the package contains only the tools for lm_sensors, not the drivers. In the case of the 2.6+ kernel, these are included with the kernel-modules package. For 2.4, the modules would have to be built by the end user. Also, there is still no startup script included for this package, but that's something that will be looked at for the next development cycle. Removed the mkdev.sh after including the i2c devices in the devs package.
Thanks again to Jean Delvare for the advice, and for his work maintaining lm_sensors upstream. :-)

n/mailx-12.1-i486-1.tgz: Upgraded to mailx-12.1 from nail-11.25 (renamed). Thanks to Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi for pointing this out.

n/nfs-utils-1.0.10-i486-3.tgz: Moved rpc.lockd and rpc.statd to /sbin.
Reworked rc.nfsd to make use of the rc.rpc script in "portmap".

n/portmap-5.0-i486-2.tgz: Replaced /etc/rc.d/rc.portmap with /etc/rc.d/rc.rpc. This script will start rpc.portmap, rpc.lockd, and rpc.statd. All of these are needed to make proper use of NFS from either the server or client side, so this approach should be more likely to work out of the box. Note that nfs-utils will also be required in order to use rc.rpc or NFS, even as a client. If rc.rpc is needed, another script will run it as long as it is readable. The only reason to make rc.rpc executable would be to run it at boot time when there are no shares in /etc/exports and no mounts in /etc/fstab, but you wish to be able to mount NFS partitions
Thanks to Arno G. Schielke and Cesar Suga for suggesting this idea.

n/tcpip-0.17-i486-39.tgz: Don't allow dhcpcd -k to make noise at shutdown time if dhcpcd is not running (as in cases where it was shut down manually, or the lease time was infinite).
Added support in rc.inet1 and rc.inet1.conf for adjustable DHCP_TIMEOUT.
Thanks to Eric Hameleers.

x/ttf-indic-fonts- Added TTF fonts for displaying Indic scripts. This package supports Bengali, Devanagari, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, and Telugu.
For information about fully enabling Indic support (including input), see: /usr/doc/Linux-HOWTOs/Indic-Fonts-HOWTO.

isolinux/initrd.img: Patched installer's network script to look for network26.dsk if (huge26.s) is used to boot/install.
Thanks to Piter Punk for work done (long ago) to fix probing for 2.6 modules.
Thanks to Eric Hameleers for helping debug loopback mounts in the installer when using the (huge26.s) kernel.
NFS installs with the test26.s kernel are not supported by this system, but should work if you put the module(s) you need on a floppy or otherwise make them available and load them manually.

isolinux/network26.dsk: Added network26.dsk for NFS installs with huge26.s.
Don't try to put this one on a floppy disk, folks. ;-)

kernels/huge26.s/*: Added built-in NLS (CONFIG_NLS_CODEPAGE_437,
CONFIG_NLS_ISO8859_1, and CONFIG_NLS_UTF8) to allow FAT filesystems to
loopback mount for NFS installs.

kernels/test26.s/*: Added 2.6.18 test26.s kernel.

rootdisks/install.1: Patched installer's network script.

rootdisks/install.2: Rebuilt.

rootdisks/install.zip: Patched installer's network script.

testing/packages/flex-2.5.33-i486-1.tgz: Added flex-2.5.33. Requested by Alberto Simões.

testing/packages/gutenprint-5.0.0-i486-1.tgz: Added gutenprint-5.0.0.
This package was formerly known as "gimp-print", and will likely take the place of gimp-print in the AP series after going through testing. Suggested by Stefano Vesa.

testing/packages/linux-2.6.18/kernel-generic-2.6.18-i486-1.tgz: Added Linux 2.6.18 generic kernel.

testing/packages/linux-2.6.18/kernel-headers-2.6.18-i386-1.tgz: Added Linux 2.6.18 kernel headers.

testing/packages/linux-2.6.18/kernel-modules-2.6.18-i486-1.tgz: Added Linux 2.6.18 kernel modules.

testing/packages/linux-2.6.18/kernel-source-2.6.18-noarch-1.tgz: Added Linux 2.6.18 kernel source.

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