More Problems Coming In

What a bad luck. Even after downloading the latest chmlib, the xCHM still displays the same error message as my previous post screenshot. I don't know why it still has this wrong behaviour, but i will try to contact the developers to let them know about this error and hopefully they will gave a solution about it.

Another thing is there was an error on my boot message that comes from udev. It says udevd-event[1997]: rename_netif: error changing net interface name eth0_rename to eth1: No such device. Maybe i'll let Pat knows about this and we will have a fix in a few days (or hours) later. Maybe just a small fix will do the trick. But this error doesn't affect anything as far as my investigation. I'm still able to see my device correctly if i execute ifconfig -a or iwconfig.

I also upgraded my Wesnoth packages, thanks to LinuxPackages folks who has build this package so it's very easy for users like me to install/upgrade these kind of packages. This version can be called 1.2 beta. The developer has freezed all new features and they are focusing on fixing the bugs only. New features will be implemented in the next release i hope.

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