Liferea Updates

Today i saw another updates for Liferea (Linux Feed Reader) which i used as my default RSS Aggregator application. It is simple and don't need too much libraries. You only need some GTK-related libraries. It's also updated frequently. I recommend this application if you are using RSS Feeds for you daily work. If you are using KDE as your default window manager (i do too), you can try also aKregator.

Right now, Liferea has two branches, one for the stable version (1.0.x) and the new development version (1.1.x). For daily use i used the stable version as noted in the official website that development version often crashed and need some time to become more stable, because many new features has been added into that version.

Using RSS Aggregator is very nice, since it's not bandwidth consuming and you can get the needed content, not all of the banners, images, and flash animations. Later on, you can choose which news are going to be read, so it's very flexible.

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