New Kernel Update

Patrick has just issued a new security advisory for kernel updates in stable (14.1 and 14.2) and current tree to fix BlueBorne attack which attack the bluetooth stack in the kernel space. The BlueZ package in the user space is also updated to the latest version as well. Please take some time to review this advisory and upgrade as soon as possible.

In -current tree, we got a new package promoted to core package: xorriso. From the description, GNU xorriso is a command line and dialog application, which creates, loads, manipulates, and writes ISO-9660 file system images with Rock Ridge extensions. This package has been used by AlienBOB to produce his Slackware Live ISO images and now it has been included in the core package. The latest ffmpeg, gvfs, and texinfo got included as well.

Next MATE Release

MATE 1.18 has been released in March 2017 and upstream developers are still providing patches to the latest release to fix some issues found after the release. While doing so, they also started the work toward next MATE release 1.20 (or whatever the new version will be).

They have released several 1.19 tarballs as a snapshot release for testing and so far, most of their works are removing deprecated functions found in older GTK+3 releases. Their plan was to upgrade the minimum requirement of GTK+3 for next MATE release. It's quite tiring to support 5 different GTK+3 versions (3.14, 3.16, 3.18, 3.20, and 3.22) since every major GTK+3 brings regressions toward themes. They are planning to support only 3.20 or 3.22 as modern distributions are moving forward as well. Slackware-current already uses 3.22, so there won't be any problem at all.

This brings some consequences for Slackware users as Slackware do not update GTK+3 in stable releases, meaning that MATE 1.18 will be the last…

Another Wishlist Approved

This morning i saw an update on the -current ChangeLog and i was happy since mariaDB is now bumped to 10.2.x, which now has JSON support among other new features. It's also has long term support until May 2022. For full documentation about changes and improvements on MariaDB 10.2.x, please refer to the official documentation, especially the incompatible changes section. Big thanks to Heinz (pprkut), one of my wishlist is now approved.

This latest update also brings some updates to the packages:
Mesa: Upgraded to 17.1.8libgcrypt: Upgraded to 1.8.1libpng: Upgraded to 1.6.32jemalloc: Upgraded to 5.0.1glade3: Upgraded to 3.8.6nano: Upgraded to 2.8.7cups-filters: Upgraded to 1.17.2logrotate: Upgraded to 3.12.3

Rust is now included in -current

Thanks to the hard work of Andrew Clemons for providing rust SlackBuild, rust is now included in Slackware-Current along with cargo and for that reason, firefox is now following the latest release from Mozilla which is at 55.x instead of staying with 52.xESR release.

Slackware-Current also bumped several other packages, including:
kdelibs: Upgraded to 4.14.35gnutls: Upgraded to 3.6.0sudo: Upgraded to 1.8.21cups-filters: Upgraded to 1.7.0kernels: Upgraded to 4.9.45gtk+3: Upgraded to 3.22.19harfbuzz: Upgraded to 1.5.0whois: Upgraded to 5.2.18libdrm: Upgraded to 2.4.83mesa: Upgraded to 17.1.7dialog: Upgraded to 1.3_20170509libedit: Upgraded to 20170329 One of my wishlist is now added into -current. Waiting for next entries gets removed :)

glibc issue fixed

If you are following -current ChangeLog, you will notice that glibc issue is now fixed after several packages gets patched and rebuilt with needed patches. They are gcc, httpd, and libxslt. Some third party packages from SBo might need to be rebuilt as well to remove the xlocale.h reference.

Besides glibc fixes, there are also other changes such as:
kernel 4.9.41mesa 17.1.6gparted 0.29.0libdrm 2.48.2glew 2.1.0curl 7.55.0poppler 0.57.0harfbuzz 1.4.8gtk+3 3.22.18pango 1.40.9gdk-pixbuf2 2.36.8mg123 1.25.6cups-filter 1.16.1mariadb 10.0.32cmake 3.9.1git 2.14.1mercurial 4.3.1subversion 1.9.7libsoup 2.58.2samba 4.6.7tcl/tk 8.6.7 More requests can be seen in LQ thread

New glibc

I was surprised when i saw the latest ChangeLog for -current tree. It added the new shinny glibc 2.26 into the core packages, replacing the old glibc 2.25 which was just added in May. The new glibc 2.26 was released on August 2, and it was added 3 days later on August 5. I don't think  there are many other distributions who have used glibc 2.26 in their repo (even BLFS is still using 2.25git). Patrick also added new sqlite, nmap, bind, imagemagick, and dhcp along with the new glibc.

Unfortunately, there has been a report of a breakage of this new glibc and it was the case when you install a new Slackware from current ISO. If you perform an upgrade from previous glibc, you will NOT be affected by this issue. The ChangeLog does mention some deprecated and removed features, and other changes affecting compatibility:
* The synchronization that pthread_spin_unlock performs has been changed to now be equivalent to a C11 atomic store with release memory order to the spin lock's me…

End of July Status + My Wishlist

I'm swamped with my daily work, so i didn't have time to write any blog post for the last three weeks, but i'm following Slackware's changelog daily. It's been an impressive changes for the past three weeks and here's some of the highlight:
vda support in liloconfig, useful for VMs used in QEMUbetter handling for template strings in mkinitrdmany new default configurations in /etc/defaultsupport for btrfs and ocfs2 have been added in the busybox/mkinitrdhdri support is now added in ImageMagickremoval of idnkit (everything is now linked to libidn2)libwebp is now included in the distributiongrayscale support in gdk-pixbuf2 has been restoredbusybox update to 1.27.1running latest LTS kernel: 4.9.40 Here's my wishlist for next Slackware:
Migrate to Qt5 and KDE 5Add Python3 for smooth transition (Python 2 will be killed in 2020) Add meson build system (many upstream projects are migrating to meson, eg. mesa, xorg)Add rust programming language (Firefox 54+ requires r…